It’s Not easy being Green

Here at the Saltair Inn, we’re not leading the charge, but we are making an effort to minimize our impact on the environment to help protect and preserve this beautiful place.

  • Recycling all glass, paper and cardboard.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
  • Use of high efficiency dishwashers, washing machines and “Energy Star” appliances.
  • Conversion from incandescent light bulbs to CFLs/LEDs when practical.
  • Solar path lighting for guest safety at night.
  • Paper free guest communication. All guest communication is done via email or phone, including credit card processing.
  • Providing fresh roasted drip coffee by Crooked Porch Coffee, a local organic roaster, limiting use of Kuerig pods.
  • Elimination of single use plastics such as coffee stirrers, water bottles, and plastic cups.
  • Providing reusable plastic water bottles that can be filled here at the inn or out in Acadia at refill stations located at Sand Beach and the top of Cadillac Mountain.
  • Providing spring water from Mount Desert Spring Water from a water dispensing station with real glasses.
  • We’ve switched from small single use shampoos and soaps in our guest rooms to high quality dispensers and products from Gilchrist and Soames.
  • Since the Town of Bar Harbor went plastic bag free, we provide reusable shopping bags for all our guests.

As a guest of the Saltair Inn, you are invited to participate in this global effort as much or as little as you would like. We kindly ask that you consider…

  • Taking advantage of the free Island Explorer, clean propane-powered vehicles transporting visitors and residents to hiking trails, carriage roads, island beaches, and in town shops and restaurants (June to October)
  • Setting aside your empty recyclable bottles and cans.
  • Turning off lights, TV’s and fireplaces when you leave your room.
  • Reusing your towels (although we are always happy to replace them).
  • Drinking our tap water which comes from beautiful Eagle Lake and tastes delicious. Or using refillable glasses or reusable plastic water bottles with water from the dispenser rather than single use bottles.
  • Saying “no thanks” to bags, utensils, straws and condiments that you don’t need.
  • Supporting other Sustainable MDI restaurants and businesses.